Friday, 11 May 2012

Welcome to Knettishall Heaths blog spot!

Hi everybody and welcome to the first Rangers blog for Knettishall Heath, by me, Samantha Gay, the People and Wildlife Ranger for the Heath.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of Trust members and local people, Suffolk Wildlife Trust are now the proud custodians of our largest nature reserve, and what a reserve it is! Knettishall Heath sits at the Northern edge of the county and is one of Suffolk's largest surviving areas of Breckland Heath.Very few places are this special; its importance for wildlife is reflected in the fact that much of Knettishall Heath's 434 acres of extremely diverse habitat are designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. While ancient historical features dotted around the site, along with the Little Ouse meandering across the Northern boundary help provide an interest for everybody!
Hut Hill the Bronze Age round barrow
The Little Ouse pool in the main car park
Our initial plans for the heath involve simply learning about it's treasures and the people that visit it through a number of wildlife and visitor surveys and an array of community involvement actvities.

Throughout this blog I will provide regular updates on the reserves wildlife, livestock and volunteer opportunities. As well as advertising and documenting events and activities for all ages, how to use the site to your greatest enjoyment and how else to get in touch and involved!

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