Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hounds of the Heath

A fantastic new partnership between Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Dog Learning Zone formed earlier this year to create Hounds of the Heath; a community group for dog walkers at Knettishall Heath.

It's free to become a member and by simply providing us with your preferred method of contact we can update our members regularly with important and useful information such as livestock movements, path maintenance or wildlife hotspots. With over 70 members and growing since the launch event in July, Hounds of the Heath now meet on a regular basis for guided walks around the site with Dog Learning Zone, who can offer training hints and tips. This gives myself as the ranger a chance to update everyone, share ideas and also receive any feedback or sightings from the dog walkers who often act as our eyes and ears out on the site almost 24/7.

Hounds of the Heath members on a guided walk
The aim is to eventually engage with everybody who walks their dog at the Heath to allow them to have an input into the new developments on site. It's important for us to get feedback on everything from site management to new events and education opportunities, and Hounds of the Heath is a focus to share information and create long term relationships with one of the highest user groups on site.

Dog agility at the launch event - July 2012
Future prospects aim to see the group growing in number, as well as an annual activity day following in the footsteps of the launch, and upcoming available training sessions. We also aim to set up a dog walkers code of conduct for Knettishall to allow everyone to enjoy the site alongside the wildlife.
If you are interested in joining please contact myself Samantha Gay, People and Wildlife Ranger at:
07717 156601

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