Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dawn Chorus

We have had two fantastic dawn chorus guided walks this Spring at Knettishall Heath, with Suffolk Ornithologists Group offering their expertise, and Suffolk Walking Festival helping to promote and get involved. Both walks have been fully booked with a wonderful group of people coming along to discover the reserve.

Left: Walkers exploring the riverside trail at 5am. In this area of the reserve we both heard and saw Cuckoo and Whitethroat, and also heard Reed Warbler, Willow Warbler and Reed Bunting amongst other species. A Barn Owl also put in an appearance first thing on the first walk.

Standing on the edge of Peddars Way (below left); watching the Skylarks over our most western edge of Breckland heath. Other species along the heathland and woodland edge included Curlew, Gold Crest and good views of Marsh Tit. Turtle Dove have also been calling at Knettishall Heath this week but we didn't pick them up on the dawn chorus walks. This area of the reserve is also very rich in flora (below right) due to the unique geological, peri-glacial feature of patterned ground. Now is a good time to come and see the emergence of Purple Milk Vetch, as well as striking colours of Sheep's Sorrel and Wavy Hair Grass around most of the heathland blocks.


Foxgloves are always quite spectacular in certain parts of the woodland at the heath, and they are all just about to emerge. To see them take the Peddars Way North of Peddars Way car park at Knettishall Heath, follow the path and the Foxgloves are on your right hand side. The groups of them here are particularly awash with white variations of the plant.

We always welcome any of your species sightings from Knettishall Heath or any of our other nature reserves, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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